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Rika Ueda
Rika Udea






Middle School


middle-school Student


White Kämpfer

Fighting Style



Kusarigama (sickle and chain)

Female W-bangle Nicubunu Long sword
Rika Ueda is a Schwert user. Her Schwert weapon is a kusarigama.

A younger sister of Makie Ueda of the Seitetsu Gakuin Class 5 of the first grade. Therefore, Rika isn't a student of the Seitetsu academy. Rika got her Messenger animal doll accidentally from her older sister who in turn got the doll from Kaede Sakura. Rika's weapon is a sickle and chain.

Her only match is Shizuku Sangō, proven when she blocked her attack against Natsuru Senō and Akane Mishima when she first appearing during the sleepover at Kaede's.


Due to her age, she is inexperienced and arrogant with a similar attitude as Shizuku. Plus her age makes her less powerful than Shizuku when she proved ineffective against her blocks.

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