I think that the thing that happened with shizuku could have had extra things that could have been added. adding another character who had the same situation as natsuru but was teammates with the kampfer who killed tamiko and tried to stop it. If this character was added the character would be armed with an m1 thompson submachinegun. the sidstory of kampfer as i would call it would be based off of this guy named Timson Yukeda (My attempt at a japanese name).


Timsons backstory came from shizuku's story about tamiko. He tried to stop the other kampfer from fighting because he was new at being a kampfer. Tim ended up moving to another school and had to enroll as a girl because he couldnt change back before he went to the enrollment meeting or whatever it is called. He came back to Seitetsu and had gotten in controll of his kampfer form and was able to be a boy again but chose to be a girl due to him being used to his girl form and noticed natsuru durring his and akane's fight and saw him change into a kampfer. he then managed to go into the boys side (because hes a male whos a kampfer) and started spying on natsuru. at the end of the kampfer story when natsuru told akane that he wanted to go out with her he came up to natsuru and revealed himself to natsuru he helped natsuru along the way on whatever adventure that they get themselves into. eventualy tim will be introduced to the rest of the kampfers.


Kampfer Timson Yukeda

Timson Yukeda

Timson is a shorter kid than natsuru although he is older than him and he has his hair nicer than what natsurus is. his hair is an orangeish color and his eyes are orange as well. he is only seen in his school uniform.

Kampfer Timara Yukeda

Timara Yukeda


Timara(kampfer form) has white hair that is unnormaly like a normal girls hair. she has two strands of hair that sits in front of her face and her hair is curly in the back. she wears the school uniform most of the time but is seen in other clothes

This character could be a character that gives more light on shizuku and he would be the first male kampfer to be chozen (given his messanger Shootout Seal by his sister who was supposed to be the kampfer).

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