After all said and done thus far, beside Default, the second in the most edits as the administrator. Of course that is because besides watching all episodes and possess all the English translations of the manga and anticipating Kämpfer 27 plus my drawing projects, one of which involve a possible story where a Black Kämpfer emerges during a "third confrontion" between the rebel Kämpfers and Kaede and her White Kämpfers. Of course i have been tapping into animation as well using a drawing from
The black kampfer 4

both eyes closed

The black kampfer (uh)

Expression "UH"

the same project.
The black kampfer 3

left eye closed

The pictures below are my model and face for the Black Kämpfer.
The black kampfer

A Black Kampfer (JonRerebel's concept version Character)

The black kampfer (Squinting)

Expression "Squinting"

The black kampfer 2

right eye closed