Well since i had downloaded Manga Volumes 6-8 (the Jap Version) and looking at them, volumes 1-5 was pretty regular and assumed that the pattern would continue that is until seeing volume 6 with two more chapters than the pattern, and one in volume 7 and 2 more in volume 8. That changed everything i had up in the page Manga Volumes and added 5 chapters ahead of the pattern up where Kampfer 46 would begin the coming volume 9 in which i looked into at the back of volume 8, wher i first read the obivous 2013 in and then today i had managed to use Google translate and to figure out the rest which it said which made the more specific Winter of 2013. 

With the settle differences aside from the tv Show  the manga goes beyond into the story than had the 14 episodes already where volume 8 ends and where volume 9 will begin, so im getting interested.