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The White Kämpfers

In the Manga, Light Novels, and the TV Show and its sequel, the Kämpfers that Kaede commanded are known as White Kämpfers because of the white bracelets they wear. Unlike the Red and Blue Kämpfers, they were not associated with the two forces that the Moderators were determined to end their wars by having others fight in their stead. Instead they are represented for the Moderators with the Moderator/Prime Kämpfer. Also their Messengers are not shown or only mentioned while not named.
Ryōka Yamakawa

Ryōka Yamakawa

There is only four of them:

Rika Ueda

Rika Ueda

Hitomi Minagawa

Hitomi Minagawa


Sayaka Nakao


Note that all the White Kampfer's family name adopts their voice actress's family name, for example, Rika Ueda is Kana Ueda, Ryouka Yamakawa is Kotomi Yamakawa, Hitomi Minagawa is Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Nakao is Eri Nakao.

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